Welcome to PlanePhotos.org.uk.  My name is Leon Loberman and I have been interested in all things aviation for too many years! More recently I have started to create galleries of selected photos that I particularly like or may be of interest to other like minded people – to access any of the images click on the Images icon on each gallery.

However, over time, I have taken photographs of many aircraft, some of which are photographically not as good as I would like them to be but may nonetheless hold some interest to others. I have therefore decided to put my entire collection ‘online’ in order that you may share in mistakes and my successes.

At this time (November 2014) I am slowly making available everything that I have so far digitised, either through scanning original slides and/or prints, as well as digital images. There are many more slides/prints that I have not yet digitised, hence this will take some time to roll out, so please bear with me and frequently check back for new images.

I’d also like to thank those members of UK Airshow Review who kindly provide feedback through the forum and demonstrate the true art of aviation photography. You can find some of my photos under my forum id of D90Man.