Abbotsford Int’l Airshow 2009

On August 6/7, 2009 I was fortunate enough to be at Abbotsford, British Columbia for the annual airshow. This year celebrated 100 years of powered flight in Canada and formed the central theme for the show.

Unusually for an airshow, the Abbotsford International Airport remains active throught the displays, which mean that there are a number of scheduled movements from WestJet Boeing 737’s which need to be co-ordinated with the airshow traffic. Additionally, Abbotsford is the home of Conair, who provide firefighting support for Western Canada, which during August is unfortunately affected by a high number of wildfires. Consequently, departures and arrivals cheap replica watches are interspersed with F18, C17 and Luscombe displays – I wonder what is like to be a pilot or passenger on one of WestJet’s flights?

My thanks to the following people for assisting in my visit:

  • Kate Witoszkin, Event Co-ordinator, Abbotsford International Airshow Society
  • John Ens, Media Co-ordinator
  • Tony Froese, Media Co-ordinator