March Field Air Museum

The second of the museums visited in January 2024 was March Field Air Museum, located on the Western side of March Air Force Reserve Base.

This was my second time at the museum – my previous visit was in October 1980!! The collection was somewhat smaller then, consisting of a KC-97, a U-2 and a B-24. Safe to say, the collection has grown somewhat!!

There is a fantastic variety of aircraft in the collection now, from many different armed forces.

Blessed with great weather during my visit, the majority of the exhibits are outside and spread alongside the base security fence.

The museum staff are very helpful and are quite relaxed about access to the aircraft, even to the extent of the restoration areas.

Another museum that is well worth the entrance fee and when you have finished going around the collection, there are even bleacher-style benches that you can sit on to watch the active movements on the air base itself (more about that later in another post).