NAS Whidbey Island

On August 24, 2009 I visited NAS Whidbey Island, in Washington state. This large base is home to a number of US Navy squadrons and in particular is the first location of the Navy’s latest electronics warfare aircraft, the Boeing EF-18G Growler, operated by VAQ-129 Vikings, the Fleet Replacement Squadron as they transition crews from the Grumman EA-6B Prowler to the EF-18G.

Other tenant Electronic Attack Squadrons operating the EA-6B are:

  • VAQ-130 Zappers
  • VAQ-131 Lancers
  • VAQ-132 Scorpions
  • VAQ-133 Wizards
  • VAQ-134 Garudas
  • VAQ-135 Black Ravens
  • VAQ-136 Gauntlets
  • VAQ-137 Rooks
  • VAQ-138 Yellow Jackets
  • VAQ-139 Cougars
  • VAQ-140 Patriots
  • VAQ-141 Shadow Hawks
  • VAQ-142 Gray Wolves

Among the other aircraft types operating from NAS Whidbey Island are:

Lockheed P3C Orion operated by Maritime Patrol Squadrons:

  • VP-1 Screaming Eagles
  • VP-40 Fighting Marlins
  • VP-46 Grey Knights
  • VP-69 Fighting Totems

Lockheed EP-3E Aries operated by Fleet Air Reconnaisance Squadrons:

  • VQ-1 World Watchers
  • VQ-2 Rangers

McDonnell-Douglas C9B/DC-9-33 operated by Fleet Logistics Support Squadron VR-61 Islanders
Sikorsky MH-60S Knighthawk operated by NAS Whidbey Island Search and Rescue

I would like to acknowledge the following people for their assistance in making this base visit possible:

  • Commander Charles W Brown, US Navy
  • Lieutenant Glenn Sircy, US Navy
  • Ms Kimberley Martin, PAO NAS Whidbey Island
  • Mr Tony Popp, PAO NAS Whidbey Island