NATO Tiger Meet 2011 – Cambrai BA, France

Once again, I was fortunate to be able to attend the Tiger Meet Spotters Day in 2011 at Base Aerienne 103, Cambrai.

This time there were 3 ‘Spotters Days’ over the fortnight period of the Tiger Meet!

I attended on the second of the three days, 16 May and once again fell victim to less than perfect weather 🙁

The layout of Cambrai resulted in most of the participants taxying by the assembled throngs but departing on runway 28 which was somewhat further away.

2012 was scheduled to be at Monte Real AB in Portugal, with 2013 hosted by 335 Mira at Araxos in Greece. Because of the financial crisis in Europe, affecting Portugal in particular, the 2012 meet has since been moved to Oerland MAS in Norway staring on 29 May, with 338 Squadron of the Royal Norwegian Air Force as the hosts – a somewhat colder and possibly more difficult venue to reach! As for Greece in 2013, well right now that has to be doubtful as well.