NATO Tiger Meet 2017 – Landivisiau

The 2017 NATO Tiger Meet was held at Landivisiau in Brittany, France, home of 11F, flying the Dassault Rafale M. There were two spotters days organised and I was able to attend the second one, where glorious sunshine was in abundance.

The host squadron, together with the NATO Tigers Spotters Association, provided great access to the taxiways, although the long grass did create some issues for landing shots.

There seemed to be less special colour schemes this year – perhaps because of the missing participants (see below) but those that were present were pretty good.

That being said, it was a great day!

Some of the normal attendees dropped out this year, including the Spanish, Portuguese, Poland, Turkey and Greece, whilst the German contingent departed before the second spotters day.

Nevertheless it was a well attended event, including participation from

France 11F Dassault Rafale M
Switzerland Staffel 11 F/A-18C/D
Austria 1 JTS Saab 105Öe
Italy XII Gruppo EF2000 Typhoon
France ECE 01/30 Dassault Rafale C/B
France ECE 3/30 Dassault Rafale C/B
Belgium 31 smd F-16A/B MLU Fighting Falcon
Czech 211 TL Saab JAS39C/D Gripen
Netherlands 313 sqn F-16A/B MLU Fighting Falcon
Italy 21 Gruppo AB-212ICO
UK 230 Sqn SA330 Puma HC Mk2
UK 614 NAS Merlin HM. Mk2
Italy XII Gruppo EF2000 Typhoon
France EHRA 3 SA 342 M Gazelle
France 4F E-2C Hawkeye
France 5 RHC EC665 Tigre HAP
UK 849 NAS Sea King ASaC Mk7