RAF Northolt Nightshoot XXIX

The 2023 Autumn event took place on 5 October, with the evening blessed with warm, dry weather.

A few familiar faces were missing, probably due to the clash with the NATO 2023 Tiger Meet Spotters Day at Gioia Del Colle in Italy scheduled for the next day but there was still a good turnout of over 200 keen photographers.

As ever, there was respect for each other and no brawls over where you could stick your tripod, unless you are Brian Marshall a.k.a Pen Pusher who manages to shoot everything handheld with excellent results.

Which brings me to an admission – in my excitement at using my Nikon Z8 for the first time at a nightshoot, I made the schoolboy error of forgetting to switch VR mode on my lens to off 🙁

Hence many of my images (which were shot using a tripod) had a degree of fuzziness on them, influenced by the VR software trying to correct non-existent camera shake. At least, that’s my excuse.

I’m still using my original lenses on the Z8, using the FTZ II adapter, by the way – I haven’t yet switched to Z lenses – maybe next year for RIAT.

So here are my images, having been ‘cleaned up’ as best I can using Topaz Photo AI.