Wittmund – Phantom Pharewell

In June 2013, after 40 years of service with the Luftwaffe, the McDonnell-Douglas F4 Phantom was formally retired. A special Spotters Day and Open Day were held at Wittmund Airbase by Jagdgeschwader 71 “Richthofen” squadron to celebrate the long and successful service by the “Rhino” in Luftwaffe colours.

The squadron commander arranged for a number of aircraft to be painted in special colours, recalling a few of the schemes worn by the F4 over the years.

There was no flying scheduled on the spotters day but some aircraft were arriving for the public Open Day on the Saturday.

I travelled over for the Spotters Day on 28th June – regrettably the weather did not decide to play ball and it tipped down with rain all day. Hence, the images here are more for the record rather than an example of my best photography!!